The biggest mistake photographers make when it comes to being profitable #1
Written by Sarah Butler on April 17th 2018
So what is the biggest mistake that photographers make when it comes to being profitable?  

They think that to make more money they need to do more, but it’s actually the opposite. They need to do less, but it’s what they do that’s crucial.

The biggest thing I see with all my clients when I start working with them is that they often have information overload. There is so much fantastic material available, but everyone comes with their own unique challenges, circumstances and strengths.  

Because there’s so many options to choose from, they don’t know the next step to take that’s going to achieve the best outcome for where they are right now and where they want to go. 
I’ve seen some marketing plans for one man band photographers that would take a hit team to deploy! What tends to happen is that they either try to do everything and run out of steam or become overwhelmed and don’t do anything! Either way it doesn’t achieve what they want, which is a consistent flow of high value bookings.

One of the reasons why I’m able to achieve such dramatic results with my clients so fast, is that we begin with clearing away the noise and getting crystal clear on the overall goals. 

Then we work back from there and focus on the next best steps to take.

The power of this is that when you know where you want to go you can get there much faster.  
When you achieve it, you just set a new goal.  

For example, my client Jade hit her initial 6 month goals in the first few weeks, so we had to reset course. We’ve done that 3 times already now and we’re still not done yet!  

When we started working together she was making on average $8000 a month and struggling to go to the next level in her business. After just 4 weeks she had her first $30,000 month and this is becoming her new normal. In fact last month she did $36,000 and we’re on target for making over $40k this month. And the best thing is that she’s achieved this by just doing a consistent 3 shoots a week. 

By being clear on what you need to do to meet your goals we can zone in on the next action to take that’s going to deliver the results you want, rather than wasting time and energy on a scattergun marketing approach, hoping that something might work. When you know that you only have to do 3 shoots a week for example, you can focus in on exactly what you need to do for marketing to achieve this.

So the very first thing you need to begin with is to get clear on exactly what you want to achieve and why. Just making more money so that you can feed the kids is important, but it isn’t enough. You’ve got to tap into what inspires you and align with that. And then you have to create a master plan that’s going to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  

These are the two key elements that all successful photographers have in place.  
Clarity around what they want to achieve and a clear game plan for how they’re going to do it.

Sarah Butler

Sarah Butler helps Portrait Photographers start and grow successful businesses.  She is an expert at helping passionate photographers create consistent bookings and make great money doing what they love. If you're interested in taking your business to the next level and experiencing success on your own terms reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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