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"This is what living your best life looks like... My family and I are driving cross country for the next 3 weeks while my staff continue to run my studio and make me money.  And I'm working with Sarah to continue to grow the studio as well as another business. I've already made more this year that I did all of last year... Sarah will help you achieve your dreams, not just your goals"

MONICA GRIMES  |  Photographer

Hello there, I'm Sarah Butler. 

7-figure photography business owner turned mentor, marketing consultant, goal-smasher, and motivational guru who helps photographers like you to pivot & thrive.

I want to help you bridge that gap between the dream business you've always wanted and... well, everything that is keeping you from living that dream RIGHT NOW.

Finally... a Mastermind that combines next level sales and marketing training with inspired creativity and un-paralleled, personalised support...

Get a taste of the magic...

What do you want to create and what do you want to experience?  If you're looking to generate consistent high paying leads, increase your average sale, build a team, create more time, leverage your skills... and have a whole lot of fun in the process, this is for you.  Join me and my team for 5 Days of next level sales and marketing mastery and creative inspiration.  Every month I share EXACTLY what I'm doing in my high level Mastermind that's getting such amazing results for my clients...

The Biggest Mistake Photographers Make...

when it comes to profitability in your business.

The Trick to Making Money...

is having some! The importance of momentum and cashflow in your business.

The Fine Art of Strategic Marketing Partnerships.

How to get back as much as you give.

The Mastermind is about getting you amazing results, FAST  

A profit-maximizing portrait photography community serving up the latest and best trainings on marketing strategies, booking and sales resources alongside the most creative, inspiring, & talented photographers from around the world.

The Mastermind is the industry leader in mentoring, sales and marketing training, creative inspiration and personalised support.  You get access to over 50 training videos, 1300+ minutes of step-by-step instruction, and daily (yes, daily!) live Q+A calls with my team of experts.

PLUS every member gets my signature Facebook Campaign tailored to their offer and set up FOR them.

AND a call each month with their own strategy coach and mentor for the entire 12 months.

This is all about crazy good results and un-paralleled support.

  • Community Resources: Weekly Live Q&As and team meetings.
  • Fresh Hot Leads: Step-by-step instruction on Facebook Ads for every genre and marketing season.
  • Free Stuff: Full booking script, IPS sales script, and so much more.
  • Industry Secrets: Behind the scenes look at $20k a month marketing campaigns.
  • Monthly Giveaways: Each month, two photographers win a 1:1 Marketing Makeover with me!

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"sarah has been such a huge blessing to me and my business. working with her is one of the best investments i've ever made.

Sarah is a wealth of knowledge, skill, and support which I am tremendously grateful for! For any photographer that is wanting to take their business beyond the next level, I say Sarah's program & mentorship is a must!"

Glamour Photographer

Hi, I'm Sarah Butler!

7 figure portrait photographer turned business mentor. I love helping portrait photographers create wildly profitable businesses and now I'm teaching you all of my secrets!